Arizona Memorial to Union Troops

SUVCW logoThe Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, located east of the Arizona state capitol, includes an impressive array of historical memorials. But a memorial dedicated to the Union soldiers who fought in Arizona during the Civil War is conspicuously absent from the plaza. There’s nothing commemorating the California Column which secured Arizona for the Union in 1862. Nine Union soldiers were killed and seven were wounded during the campaign.

We are working to gather legislative support to introduce a bill at the beginning of the Arizona legislature’s 2019 session that would authorize the construction of a Union soldier memorial on the plaza. We have already identified funding sources for the construction and maintenance of the memorial, and a design for the memorial has also been selected by our membership.  Please contact your Arizona state senators and representatives to ask them to support this bill. We must have sponsors for the bill before the legislature convenes on January 14, 2019.